Board of Directors

Executive Board

Andrea Rodgers, MA,LLP, IMH-E®PresidentClinical Administrator-ECBH Hegira Health Inc.
Dr. Zsalanda Richardson, DSW,LMSW,IMH-E®Vice PresidentClinical Supervisor The Children's Center
Jen Jonika,MS,LLP,
Past PresidentDirector, Maternal and Early Childhood
Starfish Family Services
Cathy Liesman, PhD,IMH-E®TreasurerChief Operating Officer Development
Lindsey Biggs, LMSW, IMH-E®SecretaryIMH Supervisor Starfish Family Services
Fran Jozefowicz,MSN, IMH-E®HonoraryFormer Supervisor of Early Intervention Services CMHA-CEI
Rosalva Osorio-Moorman,
HonoraryField Faculty/Lecturer Clinical Coordinator-ECBH University of Michigan, School of Social Work

At-Large Members

Michelle Freund
Camille Humes,EdD,NCC,LPC(MI),LCPC(IL), I/ECMH-C
Karen Phillips,LMSW,IMHE®
Diana Kohler
Angela Lopez
Stephanie Grant,PhD, LPC,IMH-E®
Quinn Wright
Yolanda Hill- Ashford
Amy Scott
Steven Schwartz
Chinwe Obianwu

Download the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health Organizational Structure.

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