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Learn more about how MI-AIMH programing can impact outcomes for families HERE.

MI-AIMH’s Recent Impact on the Infant and Early Childhood Field: 

  • MI-AIMH hosted 106 trainings, totaling over 618 training hours to a total of 4,975 Infant and Early Childhood Professionals in 2021
  • MI-AIMH is on track to endorse almost 400 professionals between 1/1/2021 and 12/31/2022 thanks to a contract with MI Department of Education to support 200 professionals in earning IMH-E® as an Infant Family Associate (IFA)
  • Central office and the MI-AIMH Professional Development Committee hosted a first biannual 2021 Reflective Practice Symposium
  • Created a 2021-2024 Strategic Plan which includes continued focus and attention to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Efforts and plans for MI-AIMH’s overall system wellbeing (need for additional staff, updated website, etc.)
  • Continue to offer MI-AIMH’s Core Curriculum IMH Foundations 10 Day Series. 
    • This series has been offered 11 times in the last 5 years and the demand keeps growing! Most recently, First 5 Alabama/Alabama Association for Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health contracted to train Alabama trainers to continue to offer this series in their state. 
    • Wayne RESA contracted to offer this series to three cohorts over the last two years (Approximately 70 professionals!). This supported their staff in earning the IMH-E® as an Infant Family Specialist!
  • Represented Michigan on the The Alliance Training workgroup which has rolled out a resource to be used as guidelines for training development and practice. Learn more here:
  • MI-AIMH has joined a pilot that the Alliance is launching to host a Training Hub where we can share information with other AIMH’s about training available that can be searched by competency area, type of delivery method, etc. We have listed a few training series on that platform.
  • EXCITING! A new category of Endorsement is now available for Early Intervention/Prevention Professionals providing (or training to provide) Reflective Supervision. Applicants may now begin their applications in EASy! Learn more here:
  • MI-AIMH, and other state AIMS has contributed financially to support the creation of an online exam platform so that applicants do not need to drive several hours to sit for the Endorsement Exam. This will be piloted in 2023 and ideally available for all applicants in 2024.
  • Continued collaboration with Wayne State’s Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute to offer Explorations in Development Yearly.
  • Applied for and received a mini-grant RFP from the Flinn Foundation to distribute $5,000 of wheels to Brilliant Detroit sites was submitted and MI-AIMH received the award. MI-AIMH and Brilliant Detroit will continue to discuss longer range visioning about other ways we might partner moving forward.
  • MI-AIMH continues to host annual Celebrate Babies Week in September! We were ecstatic that Governor Whitmer recorded a kick off Celebrate Babies Video in 2021 and Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha did one in 2022! The State of Michigan has also officially proclaimed Celebrate Babies Week in Michigan for the third year in a row! Learn more here:
  • With State of Michigan Funding Support (PDG funding), MI-AIMH is recording new reflective supervision (RS) recordings for training along with critical review and revision of existing RS recordings. We are excited to launch these in 2023!
  • With State of Michigan Funding Support (PDG funding), MI-AIMH is creating On Demand Training Webinars on our new Learning Management Platform “MI-AIMH Relate”! We are excited to launch these in  2023!
  • The MI-AIMH Endorsement Committee has been working hard to focus on examining Endorsement Requirements through a DEI lens. A few highlights from 2021:
    1. Updated Language: Cultural Competence has been replaced with Cultural Humility
    2. Updated Code of Ethics with DEI and Social Justice Lens
    3. Broadened Requirements for Social Emotional Consultants to earn IFS Endorsement if they have prior Home Visiting Experience and have received RS.
    4. Official Transcripts are no longer required for any Endorsement Application. Applicants may upload an unofficial transcript within their education tab, if they choose to document relevant coursework.
    5. There is no longer a one year wait times between earning categories of Endorsement.While most applicants only apply for one category based on their scope of practice, there may be applicants that choose more than one category based on their experience, and this change in policy allows them to apply when they meet the requirement, without waiting.
    6. For Family Associate and Family Specialist Categories, the application format was simplified with dropdown boxes in place of narrative text fields on the work tab, in attempt to remove bias and subjectivity.

Representing Early Relational Health and Michigan IECMH Workforce within the following groups:

  • Monthly meetings with the Governor’s office
  • Michigan Council for Maternal and Child Health (MCMCH) Executive Committee
  • Landscape of Infant Mental Health in Michigan
  • Michigan’s Children, ECIC & Think Babies on developing a state IECMH Policy/Advocacy plan, including professional development
  • MI ACE Initiative Steering Committee
  • Early Childhood Advocates
  • Metro Detroit Fatherhood Policy Initiative
  • Think Babies Michigan-Steering, Cross-sector Workforce/Implicit Bias Training groups
  • MDHHS Home Visiting Advisory Group
  • Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health Executive Board
  • Board of Directors, Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative (ELNC)
  • Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health State Leadership Monthly Call
  • Crisis to Connection (The Children’s Center, Detroit)
  • Relationship-building with other programs serving the field (e.g. Health Departments & MIHP programs, hospitals, Healthy Families America, HS/EHS, CTF, etc.)

IECMH/Endorsement Presentations:

MI-AIMH Central Office Staff enjoy presenting at conference/programs highlighting Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health. Here is a sampling:

  1. 2021 Home Visiting Conference
  2. 2021 MiAEYC Conference
  3. Great Start Statewide Annual Convening (2021)
  4. Infant and Toddler Statewide COP (Great Start to Quality Resource Center Infant/Toddler Specialists) 2021
  5. Michigan’s Early Childhood Workforce Crisis: The Way Forward.Michigan’s Children and Think Babies Michigan

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