Endorsement® Exam

Infant Mental Health Specialist and Infant Mental Health Mentor applicants must pass an exam prior to earning Endorsement®The exam is generally offered twice annually, in March and September.  Please see the EASy Homepage for dates.  If you have questions about policies related to the Endorsement® exam, please visit our Endorsement® Policies

Preparation for Exam

Please do not feel as though you need to wait to begin studying for the Endorsement® exam until you receive the results of your application review.  We encourage Endorsement® applicants to begin studying as soon as they decide that they hope to sit for an upcoming exam.  For more information about the Endorsement® Exam, please Download What to know About the Endorsement® Exam

Preparation/Study: In addition to the selection of readings from the  Endorsement® Exam Prep Resource List, applicants are encouraged to review the notes, slides, and materials from the specialized in-service trainings in which they have participated. 

Applicants are encouraged to review our NEW Endorsement Examination Tip Sheets  The Endorsement® Examination Tip Sheets were developed as an interactive tool.  There are two tip sheets (comprised in one document), one for the examinee, Tip Sheet for Working with an Endorsement® Examination Coach and one for the Endorsement® Exam coach, Tip Sheet for Endorsement® Examination Coaches.  They are designed to support relationship-based work between examinees and coaches that can strengthen levels of confidence during the preparation period leading to the day of the Exam.

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