Highlighting IMH Resources

IMH Resources
for Infant and Early Childhood Professionals


  • Inspire Action for Social Change also has Resources & Support for Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange Programs- Click HERE.
  • Dr. Stephanie Grant designed a video to help support parents during the COVID-19 Pandemic & provide direction on how they can in turn support their children. Attention is given to how this time may be experienced as a traumatizing event & how they can best foster resilience.- Click HERE
  • Oyster and Butterfly: Book for preschoolers that incorporates EMDR strategies – Click HERE
  • A resource co-developed by the Alliance, Zero to Thrive (at the University of Michigan), MI-AIMH, Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, and Starfish related to delivering IMH services via Telehealth: https://www.allianceaimh.org/new-gallery/z8thudu3t0wo86o0mwqriqitmny8la
  • The Infant Mental Health Journal has releasing articles relevant to supporting early development in times of crisis freely available here.”
  • Reflective practice in uncertain times: How you are is as important as what you do – Click HERE
  • “Reflective Consultation With Groups via Virtual Technology: What Is Best Practice? – Click HERE 

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