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MI-AIMH is a professional home for all people who touch the life of a baby, infant or young child. Whether a practicing professional, student or retiree, MI-AIMH is your connection to a statewide network of like-minded people in the rapidly developing and changing field of infant mental health!  The fees are $70 for a one year membership and $120 for two year membership.

Membership Perks

Member Discounts: 

  • First-rate biennial MI-AIMH conference
  • State and regional in-service trainings
  • MI-AIMH Store


  • The first step to becoming endorsed is becoming a member of MI-AIMH!  The I/ECMH-E® credential is a globally-recognized Endorsement that identifies your education and experience as an infant, young child, family professional. There are many different pathways to Endorsement® to fit your professional experience.  Learn more!


  • Join one of 12 statewide MI-AIMH chapters and connect with like-minded professionals in your area.
  • Connect with even more MI-AIMH members by joining a committee on Professional Development, Membership, Marketing, Conference Planning, Infant Crier and others. Learn more!


  • Infant Crier, MI-AIMH’s official quarterly e-source for clinically-focused news and stories from the field.

Make MI-AIMH your professional home.


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