Endorsement Renewal Instructions

Endorsement Renewal is due by 12/31 of each year for all endorsed professionals.

Helpful Tips: 

  •  If you submitted your Endorsement Application in 2023, you do NOT need to submit training, RS hours, or pay the $30 Endorsement Renewal Fee until 12/31/2024. You only need to keep your membership current.
  • If your work is paying for your fees, you can select “alternative payment” in the cart and note your agency is making a group payment.
  • For those endorsed in more than one category of endorsement: you may use the same hours in each renewal application and you only need to pay one renewal fee. You must submit each category for renewal to remain active. EASy will allow you the option to “archive” any categories you do not want to remain on the registry for. This helps us keep our Endorsement registry up to date. 
  • Note for all endorsed professionals: If you were unable to obtain the necessary renewal hours this year, please email miaimh.easy.imhe@gmail.com so we can talk through your renewal options with you.
  • One of the training hours entered must cover diversity, equity and/or inclusion but does NOT need to be part of the training title. We trust you to determine if DEI was covered in one of the trainings you add.
  • Upon submission: you will receive an automated email from EASy that confirms that your renewal has been submitted. You will receive another automated email from EASy by 2/15/2024 to notify you that your Endorsement was renewed. The EASy Administrator will contact you if they have any questions about your renewal.
  • Applicants who have not renewed by 12/31/2023, will be removed from the MI-AIMH Endorsement Registry.  Applicants that renew after 1/1/2024, will pay a $25 late fee.

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