The Endorsement® Exam

What is the format of the exam?

There are two parts to the exam: Part 1 consists of 60 multiple choice questions. Part 2 consists of three vignettes with corresponding questions; you will be asked to respond to two of the three vignettes. You will have three hours to complete the entire examination (90-minutes for Part 1 and 90-minutes for Part 2). The material covered requires knowledge about pregnancy, early development and clinical practice experiences. Both parts draw on cumulative learning experiences in college or university settings and specialized in-service trainings, as well as self-study (e.g. books and journal articles about infancy, early parenthood and infant mental health). Your supervised work experiences with infants, toddlers and families, and experiences within reflective supervision or consultation groups related to your work with infants and families will also contribute to learning that is reflected in the examination questions.

What primary topics are covered in the multiple-choice portion of the test?

The multiple choice questions are related to the knowledge and skill areas of the competencies as indicated in the Competency Guidelines®, such as:

  • Attachment separation, and loss
  • Pregnancy, infant and young child development and behavior
  • Relationship-based therapeutic practice
  • Infant mental health screening and assessment
  • Disorders of infancy/early childhood
  • Cultural competence
  • Reflective practice

How should I study for the exam?

Studying for the test will vary from person to person. If you are currently engaged in relationship-based practice with infants and their families, receive reflective supervision and have consistently updated your knowledge and skills through specialized in-service training or enrollment in university or college course work specific to infancy, early parenthood and infant mental health, you will most likely be very well prepared. If you have not engaged in clinical practice or attended in-service trainings or university-based coursework specific to the promotion of infant mental health, you will find the test challenging. There is a Suggested Resource List found within Requirements -> Endorsement® Exam.

What happens if I do not pass the exam?

A passing score on Part 1 (multiple choice) of the exam is 80%.  Applicants who receive a score of less than 80% will be invited to take the exam again in one year.  In order to carefully protect the exam materials, applicants will not receive specific feedback related to the questions missed on Part 1.  Applicants who do not receive a passing score on Part 2 (response to vignettes/scenarios) will be provided specific feedback based on exam reviewers’ remarks.  Those applicants will be invited to take the exam again in one year.

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