How to renew my Endorsement®

By January 31st of each year, MI-AIMH requires all practitioners who are Endorsed® to:

  1. Maintain membership in MI-AIMH (or another infant mental health association)
  2. Participate in a minimum of 15 clock hours of specialized training related to the promotion of infant mental health  Note:  If you are a provider of RS/C (IMHM-C), 3 clock hours must be about the provision of RS/C. 
  3. IMHM-C only Participate in a minimum of 12 hours of reflective supervision/consultation (RS/C).  In order to count towards Endorsement® renewal, the (minimum) 12 hours of RS/C should be over the course of at least 6-months, but not more than 12-months. Once an IMHM-C professional has earned and maintained IMHM-C for a minimum of 3-years they are required to receive a minimum of 10-hours of RSC annually; peer supervision or collaborative consultation (with those endorsed at the same category) will count toward the minimum annual renewal hours.

To renew your MI-AIMH membership and Endorsement®, visit our membership database, My MI-AIMH.

If you cannot meet the annual renewal requirements, please read about our Inactive Endorsement® Registry within our Endorsement® Policies.

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