Specialized In-Service Training

I have attended well over 30 hours of in-service training; should I submit every in-service training I’ve ever attended?

All in-service training hours that meet criteria toward Endorsement® must be related to the MI-AIMH Competency Guidelines®. Be sure to list which specific knowledge or skill area is covered at each training, e.g., attachment, separation and loss; cultural competence; etc. For a training to count toward Endorsement® at least one competency must have been covered. It is important to remember that Endorsement® reflects training specialization in the promotion of culturally sensitive, relationship-based practice promoting social and emotional well-being in the first years of life or infant mental health.

Although the minimum requirement is 30 hours, we expect Endorsement® applicants to document that they have achieved competency in almost all of the categories via college course work, on-the-job training, in-service opportunities and reflective supervision/consultation.

To demonstrate that the full range of competencies have been covered:

  • Most IFA applicants submit an average of 45 hours of in-service training experiences.
  • Most IFS applicants submit an average of 60 hours of in-service training experiences.
  • Most IMHS applicants submit an average of 75 hours of in-service training experiences.
  • Most IMHM applicants submit an average of 90 hours of in-service training experiences.

How do I know when my EASy application demonstrates enough to show a competency area has been met?

This varies greatly depending on many factors including how long ago you took college courses, how specific the course or training is to infant mental health, number of hours, etc.

A minimum of two trained application reviewers carefully examine all the material in your application including college transcripts, in-service training record, and reference rating forms.  Application reviewers will be looking most closely at the competency areas under Theoretical FoundationsDirect Service Skills, and Reflection.  For the areas of Theoretical Foundations (including pregnancy & early parenthood; infant/very young child development & behavior; attachment, separation, trauma, & loss; cultural competence; etc.) and the areas of Direct Service Skills (including observation & listening; screening & assessment; etc.) competency must be documented by course work and/or in-service training.  That is, work experience alone is not enough to document competency in areas such as attachment, separation, trauma, & loss or screening & assessment.

How far back can I go when including trainings that meet criteria for Endorsement®?

There is no limit on how long ago the training was attended to be counted toward requirements. Some applicants may have been in the field for many years and are encouraged to include all the trainings that have shaped their practice in infant, early childhood-family work. However, it is not necessary to submit a comprehensive list of every training ever attended. The list should reflect a balance of breadth and depth across the competencies and the promotion of infant mental health.

Are only MI-AIMH sponsored trainings eligible for Endorsement®?

The training does not need to be sponsored by MI-AIMH to be eligible to count toward your minimum for Endorsement®. In fact, many trainings that you attend for professional licensing or agency requirements may also qualify for Endorsement® (for example an ethics training for social workers, Early On training about family-centered planning, or doula training, to name only a few).

A specialized training that is eligible for Endorsement® should meet the following criteria:

  1. Is culturally sensitive, relationship-focused and promotes infant mental health
  2. Relates to one or more of the competencies in the Competency Guidelines®
  3. Is specific to the Endorsement® for which you are applying

Are there any in-service trainings, conferences or courses that are mandatory while working toward Endorsement®?

No, however, we strongly recommend that you carefully review the Competency Guidelines® to identify the skill and knowledge areas for the Endorsement® for which you are applying. We expect applicants to document competency in these areas either through college course work, on-the-job training, in-service opportunities and reflective supervision/consultation. It is important to seek out in-service training/conference offerings that will fill in any competency gaps you might have. Some skill areas (such as empathy and compassion, self-awareness) will be documented in the three reference ratings that you will include with your application.

MI-AIMH offers an optional self-study form called Getting Started Guide that can help you identify your competency strengths and gaps.

Trainings that might not meet criteria would be focused primarily on school-aged children, adolescents or the elderly.

I heard from a colleague that I could count only one conference in my Endorsement® application; is that true?

Applicants must list a minimum of 30 hours of relevant in-service training. Applicants are encouraged to include all relevant conferences that they have attended, but only one conference (with many workshops) may be counted toward the 30-hour minimum. MI-AIMH recognizes that conferences are an important way to be exposed to new material, but believes a balance with lengthier, more intense in-services of six hours or more helps to build skills.

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