The Value of Endorsement®

We are beginning  to gather data across all Alliance state associations about the impact of the Endorsement®.  Among the questions to be answered:

  • How does Endorsement® affect a professional’s sense of competence?
  • What are the outcomes for infants and families who receive services from an Endorsed® professional as compared to a non-Endorsed® professional?
  • Do programs who hire or require Endorsed® professionals have lower staff turnover?

The Infant Toddler Mental Health Coalition of Arizona has recently published results of a survey about the perceptions of Endorsement® which can be found at


What Endorsed professionals* are saying:

How has Endorsement® changed your understanding of infant mental health?

  • “I have a better understanding of the importance of this work.”
  • “Supervision was very helpful.”
  • “Much more cognizant of the power of ‘just being’ and reflecting as powerful tools that work.”

How has participation in Endorsement® benefited you professionally?

  • “Reminds me to stay current and keep learning everything I possibly can.”
  • “It gave me more training than I would have gotten otherwise.”
  • “Helped me be a better therapist and more marketable.”
  • “Offered more opportunities for professional growth and development.”
  • “The amount of time spent preparing for endorsement helped increase my understanding of IMH work.”

How has participation in Endorsement® benefited the infants and families you serve?

  • “I think it maximizes my capacity to be fully present with them.”
  • “I’m a more ‘well rounded’ clinician due to the requirements for supervision.”
  • “Increased breadth of knowledge and treatment approaches. Increased respect of other leaders in field, inclusion in planning for services in region and state.”

*These survey results come from professionals in Colorado and Michigan

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