Movie Night

Movie Night – Philomena

7:15 pm · Conference Venue, Auditorium 2· MI-AIMH Goes to the Movies 

NEW this year – Attendees will receive 1.0 continuing education credit!

Running Time: 1 hour, 38 minutes

Movie description: “Philomena”, a movie in which an Irish teenage became pregnant out of wedlock and was sent to a convent. When her baby was a toddler the nuns took the child away from her and put him up for adoption in the United States. For the next 50 years the mother searched tirelessly for her son. When a former BBC corresponded learns of the story, he becomes her ally. They then travel together to find her son and come unexpectedly close in the process. After the session Dr. Schafer will facilitate a conversation about the movie subject matter and how IMH theory, practice and principals are intertwined. Attendees will also identify and describe their thoughts and feelings as they are brought up by the movie.  Plan for a discussion moderated by Dr. William Schafer to take place.

There is no additional cost to attend Movie Night, however registration is required.  You will be able to add Movie Night to your conference registration.

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