Reflective Supervision I (Video Training Series)



Product Description

Explore the professional and personal world of reflective supervision in this 2-disc DVD set featuring nationally recognized infant mental health mentors and practitioners.

Closely working with infants and families invariably evokes emotions, memories, and questions for IMH professionals. How do these professionals cope with the difficult situations they see infants and families going through?

The answer is support — in the form of Reflective Supervision.

Reflective Supervision is the process of providing regular, individual clinical supervision for 0-3 professionals. It provides an opportunity for professionals to discuss the burdens of their cases with a knowledgeable, caring person.

With the first DVD in the video training series, you will experience Reflective Supervision alongside infant mental health mentors Douglas Davies, Julie Ribaudo, Deborah Weatherston and William Schafer, and infant mental health practitioners Vicky Novell, Katie Bresky, Carla Barron and Stefanie Hill as they present 4 spontaneous unrehearsed reflective supervision sessions. Each 30-minute session provides a unique window into reflective supervision experiences and offers opportunities to consider essential elements of reflective process.

This training series helps supervisors better understand how to create a safe emotional environment for their staff to reflect upon their experiences, to deepen their understanding of all levels of relationship, and to consider together how to move forward in service provision. Includes a brief training guide and sample discussion questions.

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