Advancing Equity Through Reflection and Relationships Prompt Cards Vol. 2: Exploration Through Mind, Body and Spirit Prompt Cards, Volume 2



Product Description

MI-AIMH is excited to announce a NEW volume of cards to use during Reflective Supervision. 

These prompt cards were developed by Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Professionals, that both provide and receive reflective supervision. The intention is to enrich the RS/C relationship & experience.

Mindfulness, presence, and reflective practice is unique to each individual. These reflective cards offer an opportunity for exploration of embodied reflective practice through mind, body and spirit.

The prompts can help uncover underlying thoughts and emotions and facilitate deeper understanding and awareness within a Reflective Supervision Relationship. Supervisees will pick a card during Reflective Supervision/Consultation, and follow the prompt on the card.

  • NEW Reflective Prompt Cards, Volume 2 will be useful for individuals during their reflective supervision or to use for your own mindfulness journey.
  • This volume includes an instruction card and 16 cards with reflective prompts/questions, i.e. Discomfort is part of our work; what is a mantra that you can repeat to yourself to move though it and stay present? Think about those you support in your work. Do you align with one child, dyad, individual, family, or group member more than the others? 
  • Printed Cards are postcard sized, 5.5 x 4.25
  • Additional volumes will be available as they are developed.

Price, includes shipping in the U.S.

$40.00 MI-AIMH & Alliance Members

$45.00 Non MI-AIMH Members

Currently, U.S. only purchase and shipping available


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