Audiobook – This Hallowed Ground: Four Decades in Infant Mental Health



Product Description

Audiobook and Study Companion – This Hallowed Ground: Four Decades in Infant Mental Health by Michael Trout

Michael Trout’s newest publication is available exclusively through MI-AIMH as an audiobook.  Listeners will hear the words written by the author in his own voice. An artful storyteller, the author issues an invitation to listen closely and wonder about the power and complexity of relationship-based practice to heal and transform.  Each story, each chapter, awakens our curiosity about the remarkable practice of infant mental health.

Download the accompanying digital study companion included with your purchase which contains reflective questions for each chapter that support deeper learning for individual, group or classroom study.

Interested in hearing a preview?  Click HERE for a sneak peek of Michael Trout and This Hallowed Ground.

Note that the Audiobook is 640 MB and you will need space on your computer/tablet to download this zip drive file.  You can add the audiobook to your iTunes/Google Play Store or audiobook app (Audible, Google Play Books, Kindle, etc.)   

The instructions below have worked for most users, that said, computer models, processing systems and audio libraries vary.  If the instructions below do not work for you, please contact MI-AIMH and we will be happy to help you find a solution (734) – 785-7700, ext. 7617 or email

Instructions for purchasing digital products:

Once your payment is completed you will receive an email (can take up to 48 hours for email to be sent) with links to download the Audiobook and the Study Companion.  You will have 14 days once you receive the email with links to access them and save your digital products to your computer before they expire.  


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