IDA Training Now Available On-line


Announcing IDA Training in Live Webinar Course

There is a new training option for learning the Infant Toddler Developmental Assessment (IDA).
The IDA Institute is now taking registrations to participate in a live four-hour Webinar on November 2, 2012 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
Live Webinar:
IDA Procedures: the IDA Webinar reviews the IDA Phases, (1) Referral and Data Gathering from Multiple Sources; (2) Parent/ Family Interview; (3) Health Review; (4) Developmental Assessment with the Provence Profile; and (5) Integration of Findings and Recommendations and practice using the IDA forms.
The Provence Profile: the IDA Webinar provides guided instruction for scoring the IDA Provence Profile in each domain, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Cognition, Communication, Self-Help, Relationships to Persons, Emotions and Feeling States, and Coping with an opportunity to practice scoring videos of children at different ages between three months and three years.
Consultation: the IDA webinar gives ample time to share your learning and practice experience; ask questions and learn from others using the IDA in a variety of professional settings. 
How to Enroll:
Simply go to the IDA Institute web site training page for enrollment, manuals and payment instructions.
If you have questions or wish additional information, please call at (860) 232-0890.
Susan E. Vater

President IDA Institute and IDA Author