Getting Started with Endorsement®

Your Journey to Endorsement® Begins Here.


Step 1
Determine which Endorsement® is right for you

and then research the requirements 

Step 2
Become a MI-AIMH member

Step 3
Register on EASy


Step 4
Complete your Endorsement® Application


Step 5
Submit your Endorsement® Application

Next Step?

All submitted applications are carefully reviewed by two trained volunteers who have earned Endorsement®. After examining your official transcripts, the reference rating forms, and your lists of specialized work, in-service training, and reflective supervision/consultation experiences, each reviewer will make recommendations about whether to endorse as an IFA or IFS or to approve you to sit for the exam for IMHS or IMHM or may suggest that you pursue further training and/or reflective supervision and then be re-reviewed after a period of time.

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