MI-AIMH 2022 Biennial Conference 

Available Scholarships

This year, we have several conference scholarship types available. There are descriptions for each type of scholarship below. You will be asked to select the specific scholarship you are applying for on the application. Please note that scholarships are only for Michigan professionals and you do NOT have to be a MI-AIMH Member to apply.

Michigan Conference Scholarship Types

  1. General Conference Scholarship
  2. Community Mental Health Professional Scholarship (CMH professional working with Pregnant-6yo)
  3. Detroit-Based Providers

General Conference Scholarship details:

General scholarships applications are available to anyone in Michigan and are not specific to a geographical area in Michigan or a specific discipline. The committee will prioritize applications from first-time attendees or those that have not received a scholarship previously. 

Community Mental Health Professional Scholarship details:

These scholarships are available only to those Michigan professionals working specifically within the community mental health system. Those eligible will be working in CMH programs serving infants and toddlers. Applicants will be required to include the agency/organization on their application.

Detroit-Based Providers Scholarships details:

These scholarships are only available to those professionals working in any type of program serving infants and toddlers in Detroit.

Details for all scholarship applicants:

All applicant information will be kept in confidence and used only to help inform the allocation of the scholarship spots.  Scholarships cover the cost of conference registration only.  

Applications must be completed and submitted by March 20th The application process is online, link and details are listed below.  The committee will review applications and email decisions to all applicants in a timely manner.  This will allow anyone who does not receive a scholarship to still register for the conference at the early bird rate.  There is NO need to register for the conference prior to hearing the decision about your application.

If an awardee does not register for the conference by April 18th and is not in communication with the scholarship committee, their scholarship will be forfeited and given to another applicant.  Please note that last minute cancellations and no-shows mean that we have missed an opportunity to extend a scholarship to another community member.  

Scholarship Timeline

Applications are available through March 20, 2022

Click here to apply:

Committee decisions will be made by April 8, 2022

Awardees MUST register for the conference by: April 18th

Awardees that do not register by April 18th will forfeit their scholarship


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