2021 Reflective Practice Symposium – Enrichment Box

Reflective Practice Symposium
September 30 & October 1, 2021

Enrichment Box




These creative boxes have been specifically selected to enhance your experience with us at the upcoming Symposium.  Items have been chosen to correlate with the theme of the event, this is not your typical SWAG (no pens, bags, socks, candles, etc.)  For those that purchase boxes, we will take every effort to have them mailed and arrive before the event.  Our moderator will prompt us throughout the event to open each part of the box together as a group.

We would love to include everyone to participate in this experience. However, we understand that each person has a different financial situation, especially during COVID.  If you would like, you can choose donate $25 to contribute to an enrichment box for someone that is not able to afford one on their own.  For those individuals that receive a sponsored box, they will be asked to contribute the additional $25.  Individuals can request to receive a sponsored box by completing the form using this link: https://forms.gle/4f998AdFMdz6XuVZ6.  Sponsored boxes will be awarded on a first come first serve basis and as funds are available. 

When purchasing your box – please select to pay by credit/debit card.  MI-AIMH uses PayPal as our payment processor, but you do NOT need to have a PayPal account, you can complete your payment as a guest.  Please note that boxes will only be mailed out once payment is received.  If you select to pay by check, this could affect if you receive your box prior to the event. The USPS has been slower than usual due to COVID and sometimes check payments take longer than expected to be received.  If your check arrives too close to the symposium, or even after, we will still send your box, however, there is a chance you might not receive it until after the event. 

If you still need to register for the symposium, take this into consideration:

  • If your agency/organization is going to pay for your registration fee AND your enrichment box, it would be easiest to add both to your shopping cart and complete your purchase.
  • If your agency/organization is going to pay for your registration fee but will NOT pay for your box, it would be easiest to complete these as two separate transactions.
    • Add the box to your shopping cart and complete the transaction
    • Then start over and add the Symposium by filling out your registration and then completing this transaction

If you have any questions about these boxes, please reach out to Tiffanie Martinez at tmartinez@mi-aimh.org or 734-516-0858.

Please complete this form and continue to finalize purchasing your box.



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