2021 DWIHN/MI-AIMH Early Childhood Learning Series – Presenter Info

Thank you for agreeing to present as part of our 2021 DWIHN/MI-AIMH’s Early Childhood Learning Series (ECLS).  In order to offer training continuing education credits/hours to attendees, there are items required from you related to your training.

This year we are going to collect that information from trainers in an organized system.  The steps and items needed are listed below and can be downloaded here: 2021 submitting training info:ceu needs

When you are ready to submit your training details and CEU information, the form is at the bottom of this page.
Questions – email Tiffanie Martinez tmartinez@mi-aimh.org

First Gather of the required information that is needed for your training.

  • The system will allow you to start entering information online and SAVE and CONTINUE
  • To locate the Save and Continue, scroll down to the bottom of the form and you will see the link there.
  • If you choose to Save and Continue – you will be prompted to copy a unique link – or – enter your email address and a link will be sent to you.
  • This link will expire in 30 days from the day it is created
  • If you do not return to the system and complete your submission information and process, after 30 days the information entered will automatically delete and the link will expire.
  • If you have more than one person presenting on your training, identify a Lead Presenter. Only the Lead Presenter should  use the link and enter all the training information – you can share the link, but two people cannot enter information at the same time.

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