Zero to Three has just released a new

Policymaking is not an easy job, and policymakers need concise, practical information to use when crafting policies to address pressing social issues. Just like our work with very young children, policymaking requires a multi-faceted approach which brings together evidence from science, research and practice. ZERO TO THREE combines these elements in Early Experiences Matter: A Guide to Improved Policies for Infants and Toddlers , a comprehensive set of tools for use by policymakers and advocates.
The Policy Guide includes:
  • Eleven concise issue briefs which support ZERO TO THREE’s policy agenda of Good Health , Strong Families , Positive Early Learning Experiences , and Systems Building
  • Infant-toddler data to inform the policymaking process
  • A compilation of the evidence for investing in the infant-toddler policy agenda
  • A strategic look at ways to get started, with sample policy options and state examples
  • In-depth issue papers and policymaking tools

The Early Experiences Matter Policy Guide was developed with the generous support of the A. L. Mailman Family Foundation and the Carol Berman Fund. It is available for download from the ZERO TO THREE website, .

Please pass this information along to your constituents who may be interested.