Judge Weiss of Genesee County Dies

Judge Robert Weiss, age 69, died Wednesday January 7, 2009.  Judge Weiss was the head of probate court in Genesee County and the driving force behind that community’s baby court model implemenation (Maltreated Infant/Toddler Treatment Court or MITC).  Judge Weiss worked with community partners to bring infant mental health assessment and intervention to cases of abuse and/or neglect that involved infants or toddlers.  With this loss, the infants, toddlers, families, and the professionals who work on their behalf in Genesee County have lost one of their greatest advocates.

In honor of his commitment to baby court, the family of Judge Weiss has asked that donations to a MITC fund be made in lieu of flowers.  Checks to this fund should be made payable to Priority Children with MITC in the memo.  They can be mailed to:

Priority Children, c/o Maltreated Infant/Toddler Treatment Court, 806 Tuuri Place, Flint, MI  48503