Questions about the Waiver of Provider Qualifications?

Information re: CMHSP staff regarding IMH-E®, Medicaid regulations, and the Waiver of Provider Qualifications

MI-AIMH Endorsement® Requirement
All Community Mental Health Services Program (CMHSP) staff, or contract provider staff, delivering home-based services for infants and young children, birth to 47 months, staff providing infant mental health services (B3) for this population, and staff providing Child Care Expulsion Prevention (B3) must have, as a minimum, the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health (MI-AIMH) Endorsement®, Level II (Infant Family Specialist), with Level III (Infant Mental Health Specialist) preferred  (Most CMHSP staff begin at Level II and eventually work toward Level III).   
Each level requires a minimum of two years paid work experience with infants/toddlers and at least one year of reflective supervision/consultation (RSC) from an approved provider (more about that is available at  
Waiver of Provider Qualifications
For CMHSP staff who do not yet meet the requirements for Endorsement, the CMHSP will apply to the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) for a Waiver of Provider Qualifications.  The waiver keeps the agency in compliance with Medicaid regulations until the staff earns Endorsement. Applications for a waiver can be obtained from Mary Ludtke and are to be submitted by the employer. The waiver application will include a) Credentials of individual for whom a waiver is being requested (include university, licensure, etc.); b) Name of who will provide Reflective Supervision to fulfill MI-AIMH Endorsement requirement; c) MI-AIMH confirmation of the successful registration on EASy (see #1 and 2 below); and d) the plan for completion of Endorsement requirements.    
Waiver of Provider Qualifications applications are submitted to Mary Ludtke at MDCH, they are not submitted to MI-AIMH.  Waivers must be renewed annually until the staff earns endorsement.
Successful Registration on EASy
1.  To start the endorsement process, a new applicant must first become a member of MI-AIMH (or another IMH association).  Membership dues for one year are $70.  All memberships expire on December 31.  Members can join or renew on-line at  Memberships can be purchased on-line with a credit card (via PayPal), or new applicant can select “Pay Another Way” to indicate a check is being mailed.  
2.  The next step for beginning the Endorsement process is to register on EASy (Endorsement Application System).  New applicants will register at  It should take less than 10 minutes to fill in the required information.  When the online registration form is complete, the applicant will be directed to a checkout page to pay the EASy Registration Fee.  The EASy Registration Fee is $20 for Level II and $25 for Level III.   If a new applicant navigates away from the checkout screen, there is no way to get back without starting the registration over.  So the new applicant should have the payment method on hand.  If the new applicant (or the employer) prefers to pay by check, one can be mailed to MI-AIMH (13101 Allen Rd, Southgate, MI  48195) with a note of what and who the check is for.
Once the membership and registration fees are paid, the applicant will be issued a username and password to log back in to EASy to fill in the rest of the application on-line.  MI-AIMH requires a minimum of four weeks between registration on EASy and submission of a complete application.  This allows enough time for receipt and upload of official transcripts, completion of reference rating forms, etc.  The new applicant will also receive an email confirming successful registration from  This email should be printed and attached to the Waiver application.
Completing an Endorsement Application
MI-AIMH mails a copy of the Competency Guidelines book to the applicant.  The completed application will document that the applicant has met the requirements and the competencies required at the desired level, as defined in the Competency Guidelines book.  Completing the application entails entering details about the applicant’s specialized education, work, in-service training, and RSC experiences.  The applicant will also enter email addresses for 3 references and will order official transcripts from each college/university attended.  Transcripts must be emailed or mailed directly to MI-AIMH from the college/university; instructions appear at the top of the Transcript section of EASy.  
Once the applicant has met the minimum requirements and documented competencies as defined at the desired level, and both the references and transcripts are completed, a Submit button will appear on the applicant’s dashboard.  Once the complete application is submitted, the Endorsement Processing Fee is due ($100 for Level II or $300 for Level III). 
Annual Renewal of MI-AIMH Endorsement®
The MI-AIMH Endorsement® must be renewed annually.  There are 3 requirements for annual renewal; all are due no later than January 31.  (All memberships and endorsement renewals share the same deadline, despite when membership was purchased or when endorsement was earned).
  1. Maintain membership in MI-AIMH (or another IMH association) 
  2. Receive a minimum of 15 hours of specialized in-service training related to the infant mental health competencies. These training hours are documented in the endorsed professionals membership profile at
  3. Receive a minimum of 12 hours of on-going RSC, also documented in the profile.
  4. If the endorsed professional provides RSC to others, 3 of the 15 hours of specialized training must be about the provision of RSC.