Deadline to Renew Membership and Endorsement is January 31

The beginning of the year can be a busy time.  It may have slipped your mind that it is time to renew your membership with MI-AIMH and/or to submit your E-form for Annual Renewal to keep your infant mental health endorsement current.

Annual membership is $60 for one year or $100 for two years.  And consider subscribing to the excellent Infant Mental Health Journal.  MI-AIMH members receive a generous discount!

To renew membership on-line with a credit card, go to

There is no cost to renew endorsement, however you must be a current member of MI-AIMH (or another IMH association) and you must list a minimum of 15 hours of specialized training that you participated in between Jan 1 and Dec 31 of 2011 on the E-form for Renewal.

To download a 2011 E-form for Renewal, go to and scroll down to the list of documents on the right side of the page.  Submit completed E-forms for Renewal to Deborah Kahraman at