MI-AIMH Recognized by Zero To Three


Thirteen States Have Adopted Michigan’s Infant Mental Health
Competencies and/or Endorsement for Workforce Development
In recent years, a number of states have taken steps to ensure that
professionals working with infants, toddlers, and their families are
knowledgeable and skilled in promoting social-emotional development.
Thirteen purchased licenses to use the Michigan Association for Infant
Mental Health’s (MI-AIMH)
Infant Mental Health Competencies and/or its
Endorsement for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-Focused Practice
Promoting Infant Mental Health to help them achieve this goal. The
Competencies serve as the basis for the Endorsement, a workforce
development system that lays out education, training, work experience,
and reflective practice requirements for four levels of competency.
Professionals can earn endorsement at one of the four levels by
submitting a portfolio documenting fulfillment of the requirements and,
for levels three and four, completing an exam. Adoption of the MI-AIMH
Competencies and Endorsement enables states to support
relationship-based practice promoting infant mental health by
strengthening and recognizing professionals’ skills and experience.
Participating states are benefiting from Michigan’s leadership in the
field and continue to learn from each other as they implement these
evidence-based tools.

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