Maggie Sprattmoran, MI-AIMH President, 2014-2016

Welcome Maggie Sprattmoran, MI-AIMH President, 2014-2016

Joan Shirilla, LMSW, MA Ed., IMH-E® (IV)


I am delighted to introduce Maggie Sprattmoran as the new MI-AIMH president. Maggie recently retired from 27 years as Director of the Leelanau Children’s Center, a childcare program for toddlers and preschoolers. She continues to direct Parenting Communities, a countywide universal home visiting program. Maggie is a strong advocate for reflective practice and initiated individual and group supervision for every staff member in these programs including home visitors, center directors, teachers, classroom aides and kitchen staff.  Maggie currently provides reflective supervision, is a childcare consultant and Strengthening Families trainer. In addition she is working on behalf of the Utopia Foundation to explore ways to improve lives for families with very young children in South Africa, Kenya and Uganda.  


She has served on the MI-AIMH board, the MI-AIMH Executive Committee and as Social Action Chair, where she initiated and helped plan MI-AIMH’s first legislative policy lunch during the 2013 conference. Maggie is excited about MI-AIMH’s current strategic and sustainability planning which she believes is the organization’s highest priority. She is committed to supporting emerging leaders and diversity within MI-AIMH and advocating for increased opportunities for reflective practice especially in the childcare sector.


Maggie has exceptional leadership skills and is a fierce advocate for very young children, families, universal access to early care and reflective practice. Her passion and ability to bring people to together around important issues will make her an outstanding leader. 


Welcome MI-AIMH 2014 Board

Maggie Sprattmoran, IMH-E® (IV)


In this New Year, our Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health is replete with excitement, competence and thankfulness. MI-AIMH’s 2014 Board is a wonderful group of infant mental health enthusiasts- many of whom are veterans in the field and on the Board (thank heavens for those devoted stalwarts) and some of whom are fairly new to the field or who use Infant Mental Health principles and practices in related disciplines such as early care and education, health care and the justice system. We are grateful for the blend of experiences, the commitment to the work of MI-AIMH, and the varied skill set included in this new Board.


We look forward to a great year in which the amazing members of the Board, of our chapters, and of our membership work alongside our exceptional Central Office staff to support the all so important work of nurturing infants, very young children, and their families. As our immediate past president Joan Shirilla noted in the Spring 2013 Infant Crier: “Infants, very young children, and their families deserve the very best start in life. We work together to promote secure, stable, and nurturing relationship experiences to assure social and emotional health in the early years.”


We know that when we work together, we are more successful, so let us commit that 2014 will be a year in which we all work together. Please stay in touch—call, email or drop a line to any of your Board members.


Vice President

Mary Forness has been a MI-AIMH board member for 7 years, serving on the Executive Committee and as Training Co-Chair. She helped initiate ongoing multi-agency training series in both northwest Michigan (in its 11th year) and western Michigan (in its 8th year). She works closely with the MI-AIMH Training Institute Training Coordinator to develop trainings throughout Michigan. Mary is also a member of the NW MI-AIMH board.  Mary has great skill as an initiator and collaborator and has a wonderful ability to bring people together. Her kind calm manner will be a great asset as MI-AIMH’s Vice-President.


Members At Large 2014-2016

Carrie Banks Patterson is a new board member who brings skills in communicating with parents, caregivers and human service agencies working on behalf of children and families. Her previous experience as Coordinator of Children’s Services for Detroit – Wayne County Community Mental Health Agency gives her expertise in service delivery, collaboration and working with and on behalf of systems. This systems experience will bring an important lens to the MI-AIMH board. Welcome, Carrie.


Fran Jozefowicz has served on the MI-AIMH board for 7 years as President, Past President, Secretary, and Endorsement Chair. She currently serves as Board President for Early Attachments, a subsidiary of MI-AIMH, where she is actively involved in efforts to get the Michigan Infant Mental Health approach approved as an evidenced-based practice. Her board experience as well as clinical and systems expertise in her role as Supervisor of Children’s Services for Community Mental Health of Clinton, Ingham and Eaton counties bring tremendous skill to the MI-AIMH board.


Molly Minnick is new to the MI-AIMH board but has already demonstrated significant leadership in the field. She is actively involved in the planning committee for quarterly state-wide IMH meetings, is an instructor at Michigan State University’s School of Social Work, a field instructor and mentor. She is employed as a CMH IMH clinician. A clinical interest is in working with mothers whose own disrupted attachment histories impact their ability to care for their infants. Her strong clinical lens will support the board in staying true to the principles developed by Selma Fraiberg.


Rosalva Moorman is an IMH Supervisor at Southwest Solutions in Detroit. She has served as a MI-AIMH board member for one year, quickly becoming a leader as she has agreed to serve as Social Action Co-Chair for 2014-2016. Her goal is to provide more culturally and economically competent resources and trainings for IMH specialists. Rosalva’s passion is reflective functioning. We are glad she is returning to the MI-AIMH board.  

Member at Large 2014

Steve Gay is a program manager at The Guidance Center in Southgate. Experience includes 0-5, Head Start and community engagement and organization. His particular interests include promoting a more diverse and inclusive organization, promoting greater involvement of men in early care giving and supporting the importance of birth-to-three. His experience, particularly his work in community organization, brings much needed skills to our board.