Renew your Membership and Endorsement now!

My MI-AIMH is ready for you to renew your Membership and/or Endorsement!

We want to thank-you for your patience as we finished the new web-based membership database.  Because the launch was delayed, the deadline to renew membership and endorsement has been extended to February 28.
My MI-AIMH is a web-based membership database where each member will create a profile, manage membership, and (if endorsed), submit annual training and reflective supervision hours to renew endorsement annually.  Within each portion of the My MI-AIMH profile, you will be able to select whether you want your information to be public or private.  If you select public, other My MI-AIMH users will be able to utilize the search feature to locate colleagues.  We are hoping that our members will utilize this function as a way to network and to search for other members who provide trainings, supervision, etc.  ONLY other members of My MI-AIMH will be able to find you within the public search; other search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) will NOT find your information. 
My MI-AIMH is intended for ALL MI-AIMH members, not only those who have earned or are pursuing the MI-AIMH Endorsement®.

Benefits of using My MI-AIMH

  1. You will only have to enter your identifying information into My MI-AIMH once!  
  2. You will be able to enter your training and reflective supervision/consultation experiences throughout the year as you participate in them; this will simplify your Enodrsment renewal at the end of each year!  
  3. If you are also an EASy user, you will have the option to sync your My MI-AIMH profile and EASy profile
  4. You will be able to "network" with other IMH colleagues by utilizing the search function
  5. Your user profile will track your membership status and purchase history (including Training registration)
  6. Even if you already renewed your membership and endorsement, we encourage you to create a profile on My MI-AIMH now to reap the benefits and make future renewals quicker.

To renew your Membership and/or your Endorsement, please:

  1. Go to
  2. Click, "Create Profile."
  3. Fill in the demographic information and create a password.  (If you are already a MI-AIMH EASy user, please use the same email address that you used when you created your EASy account). 
  4. Your membership status and expiration date should be listed.  Proceed by renewing your membership, if applicable. 
  5. Upon submitting your membership information, you will be asked a few optional survey questions.  Then, if you are endorsed, proceed to the Training or Supervision tab to record your activities.  As a reminder, in order to renew your Endorsement, a minimum of 15 hours of specialized training is required per calendar year.  And a minimum of 12 hours of ReflectiveSupervision/Consultation is required per calendar year (for Levels, II, III, and IV-C). 
  6. Within the Training tab, click "add" to add a training.  Complete the necessary information (Title, Presenter, # of hours, etc.).  When you reach the "Competencies Addressed" area, click on the heading(s) (i.e. Theoretical Foundations, Direct Service Skills, Reflection, etc.) for a drop down menu of the knowledge/skill areas under each.  Select the areas that were addressed within the training. When you are done, click "save."
  7. Within the Supervision tab, click "add" to add a Reflective Supervision/Consultation experience.  Complete the necessary information (Consultant, Agency, # of hours, etc.). When you are done, click "save." 
  8. There is NO submit button within any part of your My MI-AIMH profile.  Once you save the information within your profile, that information has been submitted.  You will not receive confirmation from MI-AIMH that we have received this information.  If you can view it in your profile, it has been submitted.  You will only be notified by MI-AIMH if we do NOT recieve your training, supervision, or membership renewal.
  9. Completion of Employment and Survey tabs are optional, but strongly encouraged as they make the site more useful to other members
  10. The Purchases tab will be used in the future to record MI-AIMH purchases such as materials and training registrations.
  11. If you have any questions during this process, please click the "Help" button at the top of your profile and submit your question.  You can also contact Ashley McCormick at or 734.785.7705 ext. 7547

MI-AIMH Online

MI-AIMH now has four on-line "spaces" for different services

1. (this website) for news, training dates, endorsment infomation, and articles from The Infant Crier

2.  Our Facebook page at for interesting links, stories, and action alerts

3. EASy (Endorsement Application System) at  to apply for the MI-AIMH Endorsement®

4.  My MI-AIMH for membership and endorsement renewals and, coming soon, networking with colleagues  

The future of My MI-AIMH

In the next few months, we hope to roll out other features within the My MI-AIMH database, including the Infant Mental Health Faculty Registry.  Please stay tuned for upcoming emails.  Thanks again for your patience and continued support of MI-AIMH!