More Action is Needed to Move Lawmakers

The House is NOT expected to vote
today, but could vote as early as Tuesday next week, on the Supplemental to
restore $1 million in 0-3 program funding for child abuse and neglect
prevention programs aimed at fostering family functioning through
home-visitation, parent-education programs, and community referrals. The
money would restore the program funds that the Governor cut for the current
Fiscal Year’s 4th quarter through her Executive Order (EO) in May.

Therefore, it is now critical that actions be taken in both the House and
the Senate.

Please continue to educate your House member to support the 0-3 restoration
of $1 million via the Supplemental (House Bill 4310) AND get in touch with
the following House and Senate Leaders:

Sen. Mike Bishop, Senate Majority Leader

Sen. Mike Prusi, Senate Democratic Leader

House Speaker Andy Dillon
phone: 517-373-0857

House GOP Leader Kevin Elsenheimer
phone: 517-373-0829

Contact information for your own Senator may be found at:

Key points to make with lawmakers:
1. It is a revenue-neutral measure
2. The EO that cut the funds from the budget could only be voted up or
down. There are no opportunities for amendments on EOs. The Supplement
would reprioritize what is funded and makes that adjustment, but does not
increase funding. It is revenue-neutral.

Program points:
1. increases family functioning through parent education, home visitation,
and community referrals.
2. Saves children from the ravages of abuse or neglect
3. Reduces crime
4. Saves valuable tax dollars to reinvest in other priorities like public
safety, education, or health care
There is some intelligence that suggests House leadership will not run the
bill until they have Senate agreement.