Michigan’s Children Voting Resources

Your vote counts! Be the voice of infants, toddlers, and families — speak up by going to vote in the primaries on August 5, 2014!

Let’s ensure that the needs of children, youth and families are elevated and prioritized this election season. Let’s drive voter turnout and get more folks to vote with young children in mind. Tuesday’s primary elections are particularly important due to the manner in which political boundaries are drawn in Michigan, making nearly all primary races pivotal this year. In many areas of the state, the winners in August will easily win the general election in November.

As folks who provide services to Michigan’s families, we encourage you to visit the Sandbox Party website (www.michigansandboxparty.org) and to share this resource with your networks and even families you serve. Both MI-AIMH and Michigan’s Children do not endorse or support any candidates, it is our desire to promote election advocacy as a way to help make Michigan the best place to raise children and to build a strong future for all young people.

Attached are two resources that we hope you will share with your networks — a small "rack card" that has information about the Sandbox Party and voting, as well as a comprehensive voter brochure. Please feel free to share these widely electronicallyl; If you would like hard copies of either the rack card or voter brochure, please email Mina (mina@michiganschildren.org) with the quantity of each you would like and the address to send it to.

Rack Card
Voting Guide

Thanks! We hope you plan on voting on Tuesday!

– The MI-AIMH Board Social Action Committee –