Advocacy Alert: Support Medicaid Expansion, Urge Senate to Pass HB 4714

From the Michigan Council for Maternal & Child Health
With the Senate returning to session on Tuesday next week, we continue to urge all members and fellow advocates to contact your own State Senator to express strong support for House Bill 4714.
Governor Rick Snyder participated in two town hall meetings this week, urging support for what’s known as the Healthy Michigan Plan. DCH Director Jim Haveman also spoke in support of the plan this week and had an editorial in Mlive: "Healthy Michigan: Choosing the right future for residents." 
HB 4714, passed by the House in June and reported by Senate committee in late July, would expand the eligibility for Medicaid to those persons with incomes of up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level. The Senate has added several worthwhile Medicaid reforms to the bill. 
As many as 320,000 adults could become eligible for Medicaid during the first year, and eventually close to 500,000 adults could become eligible for Medicaid if the proposal is approved.
MCMCH’s message continues to focus on the benefits that can be derived from making health coverage available to women of childbearing age below 133% of the FPL before they become pregnant, following a pregnancy or between pregnancies. Complications during pregnancy, birth outcomes, as well as the viability of infants in their first year can, in many cases, be traced back to the underlying health of the mother before she becomes pregnant.
Other advocates for Medicaid expansion have two sites with additional information: and

Please find your Senator’s contact information and make a call, send an e-mail or write TODAY.  Your message can be very simple: Vote on House Bill 4714 on August 27 and give low-income families in Michigan a chance.