Make Michigan’s Children and Families Your #1 Priority! Take Action Now!

Two priority messages from the MI-AIMH Social Action Committee:

Priority Issue #1:  Michigan’s young children are the victims of Michigan’s continuing budget crisis. See attached for the cuts that the Governor is proposing for 2011 because there is no money. MI-AIMH is concerned about the legislature’s lack of action. We need additional revenue and an end to term limits! 

Please copy and paste the following message (as is, or as you want to modify) into an email and send to your representative and senator. Or, print and send as a post card or letter. Details on how to locate contact/address information is noted below. Legislators get a lot of messages not to raise taxes. They need to hear from you! Children and the services for them can’t be saved without $$$.  "Make Michigan’s children priority #1!"

Sample Email or Letter:

Dear _____,

I don’t need to tell you that Michigan faces the worst budget crisis in its history — and we are in a race to the bottom in our ability to provide the health and social services, the consumer protection, the educational, environmental, and local services that our children, families, workers, and businesses depend on. You cannot solve this problem through continued cuts.

Your leadership is needed now! Please vote to expand the sales tax to services and close tax loopholes, That there is no review of tax expenditures is unconscionable. Give us a chance to create a better Michigan future by placing a graduated income tax on the ballot. Michigan is not a high tax state!

If you don’t know the names of your senator or representative, GOOGLE "Michigan Legislature" and click on your area of the map. You can get a list and contact information by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Priority Issue #2:  Fill out the Census! Notices on filling out the Census will be going out this week. Please encourage your families to return their forms. Personal information is confidential and does not leave the Census Bureau. Undercounting has significant consequences for Michigan:

  1. The Census determines how much federal funds Michigan will get. This affects Medicaid, Child Development funds, etc. Census experts believe that for each person not counted, state and local government will lost $12,000 in federal funds over the next ten years.
  2. The Census determines how many representatives Michigan will have in Congress. We know that Michigan has lost population. An undercount will reduce our representation further. The Census is also used to redraw boundaries for congressional and legislative districts. 

For more information, use the state map at and share the telephone numbers to those needing assistance (English:  800-923-8282 or Spanish:  877-EL-CENSO). Toll free Census numbers for other languages are also available at