Infant Mental Health Journal Search for New Editor

Dr. Joy D. Osofsky has edited the Infant Mental Health Journal (IMHJ) for more than 25 years. The journal has grown to be recognized under Dr. Osofsky’s editorial leadership as the premier publication for the infant mental health field. For this, we are extremely thankful. Dr. Osofsky will complete her tenure as editor beginning in January, 2010.

We are writing to announce the search for a new editor for the IMHJ.  The Call for Applications briefly describes what the requirements are for the position and the time frame for applications. We look forward to receiving your inquiries or submissions for this very exciting and prestigious position as editor of the Infant Mental Health Journal.

With warm regards,

The Infant Mental Health Journal Editorial Search Committee

Deborah J. Weatherston, Ph.D., Chairman
Bonnie Daligga, MA
Hiram Fitzgerald, Ph.D.
Antoine Guedeney, M.D.
Cathy Liesman, Ph.D.
Tammy L. Mann, Ph.D.
Kate Rosenblum, Ph.D.
Robert Weigand, MA