ACTION NEEDED NOW: House and Senate to Cut $1.2 Billion: Act Now to Save Early Childhood Investments

Dear Members and Allies,

The House and Senate apparently have agreed to cut $1.2 billion from the
state budget.  All early childhood care and education programs are now
in jeopardy.  Time is of the essence.  The budgets will now move
quickly.  Make sure you contact your lawmakers and Speaker Andy Dillon
and Senator Mike Bishop, the leaders of their respective houses.

Attached is a 2-pager on the potential loss of program funding that
translates into loss of services to children, and loss of jobs to those
providing the services:  nurses, teachers, child day care workers,
parent-educators, and more.

URGE LAWMAKERS TO FUND THESE PROGRAMS!!!!!! Many of the programs are not
funded with monies that can be used by law enforcement.  However, the
programs prevent kids from slipping to delinquency and help keep kids
out of our jails and, later, prisons.

Contact information for your state lawmakers is found at:


Detroit Free Press Editorial and article
fromFight Crime members.

An Op-Ed appeared on the editorial page of the Detroit Free Press that
was submitted by 15 members of Fight Crime’s executive committee.  The
following link will get you to the article.

The editorial also referenced law enforcement leaders views on the
importance of investments in early childhood care and education.  It may
be found at the following link: