Harvard reports that ‘positive early experiences provide a foundation for sturdy brain architecture’

From a series of brief summaries of essential findings from recent scientific publications and presentations by the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University.


"A vital and productive society with a prosperous and sustainable future is built on a foundation of healthy child development.  

Positive early experiences provide a foundation for sturdy brain architecture and a broad range of skills and learning capacities. Health in the earliest years—beginning with the future mother’s well-being before she becomes pregnant—strengthens developing biological systems that enable children to thrive and grow up to be healthy adults. The science of child development now helps us to see healthy development as a causal chain—policies and programs across the public and private sectors affect the capacities of caregivers and communities to strengthen three foundations of healthy development: stable, responsive relationships; safe, supportive environments; and appropriate nutrition."

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Taken from: the Center on the Developing at Harvard University.

For more information, visit: developingchild.harvard.edu