Early Childhood Family Associate (ECFA)

Early Childhood Family Associate (ECFA) Requirements

Education and/or Work ExperienceOfficial transcripts from any academic coursework including Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and/or Doctorate degrees
Official transcript/certificate from Child Development Associate (CDA) program
Two years of early childhood-related* paid** work experiences
*Early childhood, for the purposes of this Endorsement, is defined as three up to six years of age (37 through 71 months of age)
TrainingApplicants will include as many hours of training and/or continuing education as necessary to document that competencies (as specified in Competency Guidelines®) have been met. Minimum 30 clock hours of relationship-based education and training pertaining to the promotion of social-emotional development and/or the practice of infant mental health. Typically, successful ECFA applications include an average of 40 or more hours of specialized training unless the applicant has completed coursework specific to ECMH competencies
Professional Reference RatingsTotal of three ratings from:
One must come from a current supervisor
At least one must come from an individual who meets MI-AIMH Endorsement requirements as an IFA, ECFA, IFS, ECFS, IMHS, ECMHS, IMHM, or ECMHM OR is familiar with the Competency Guidelines and vetted** by MI-AIMH
One rating can come from a colleague, or a parent/recipient of services (paid or volunteer), teacher, CDA mentor, Board member
Code of Ethics &
Endorsement® Agreement
Code of Ethics &
Endorsement® Agreement
Documentation of CompetenciesApplication will document that competencies have been adequately met through course work, in-service training,work/volunteer experience, and reflective supervision/consultation experiences. Written examination not required for applicants seeking Early Childhood Family Associate Endorsement®
Professional MembershipMembership in the Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Association


*The vetting of a reference rater who is not endorsed consists of a phone call with the Endorsement Coordinator so that she can determine if the proposed rater has a copy of the Competency Guidelines® and is familiar enough with them to rate the applicant’s knowledge and skills as defined in them. The decision to accept the vetted reference rater will be documented by Endorsement Coordinator in the references section of the applicant’s EASy application.


Annual Endorsement® Renewal Requirements (ECFA)

Education & TrainingMinimum of 15 clock hours per year of relationship-based education and training, pertaining to the promotion of social-emotional development and/or the practice of infant and early childhood mental health (eg, regional training, related course work at colleges or universities, infant and early childhood mental health conference attendance, participation in IMH association sponsored activities such as book club, mentorship group). Documentation of training hours submitted with membership renewal
Professional MembershipAnnual renewal of membership in MI-AIMH or another infant mental health association
Reflective Supervision/Consultation (RSC)All endorsed professionals are encouraged to seek RSC.

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