It’s here! The Endorsement Application System (EASy)

MI-AIMH is very pleased to announce that our web-based system for creating, submitting, and reviewing Endorsement portfolios is ready!  The link to begin your application is 


EASy (Endorsement Application System)

This secure, web-based software has been designed to accept preliminary applications and professional portfolios; facilitate communication between and among applicant, Endorsement Coordinator, and portfolio reviewers; coordinate portfolio reviews; and manage data related to endorsement applicants and endorsed professionals.  It has been created with following goals in mind: 

Reduce the amount of time required to manage endorsement portfolios

Increase the efficiency of portfolio reviews

Include portfolio reviewers from across the state, even from rural/isolated regions

Decrease the amount of paper required and stored

Allow Coordinator to access endorsement applications from anywhere with an internet connection

Streamline data management/tracking

Create a more user-friendly and streamlined process


This system allows applicants to: 

Compile the professional portfolio electronically.  Once the user creates an account, she can log in and add to the portfolio, save revisions, and come back as many times as necessary to complete the portfolio

Communicate with the Endorsement Coordinator and/or Endorsement Advisor

Receive automated reminders about new messages

Utilize HELP tools that access technical or endorsement process support


Providers of reference ratings will be able to:

Log in and securely respond to questions in an electronic format

Add text/comments under each item or at the end

No longer necessary to return signed/sealed reference to applicant

New applications 
If you would like to apply for MI-AIMH Endorsement®, click on Register under New Applicant.  We strongly recommend that you use a personal email address as many health and mental health employer email servers often reject the messages that are sent to you by our new system.  The registration process asks for the same basic information as the paper preliminary application.  You will pay your preliminary application fee via Google Wallet using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover.  Once we receive notification that you’ve registered, confirmed that your MI-AIMH membership is current, and confirmed payment of your preliminary application fee, we "accept" your application.  Next, you’ll receive an email from EASy with a user name and password.  You can then log in to add to your portfolio any time and any place you have a computer with an internet connection.  There is a in-system Help tool and messaging option that allows you to ask questions along the way. 
Transition from paper to EASy
For now, MI-AIMH will continue to accept portfolios on paper through November 16, 2012.  Portfolios submitted after that date will be done via EASy.  If you’ve already submitted a paper preliminary application and would like to switch over to EASy, you must contact Nichole Paradis at first to avoid paying the preliminary application fee twice.