Early Education and Development Online Courses Winter/Spring 2010

The University Of Minnesota Center for Early Education and Development announces its roster of Online Courses for Professional Development. Winter/Spring 2010 sessions are starting soon. The courses are reasonably priced.  They address many of the MI-AIMH Competencies and are taught by colleagues in Minnesota who have earned Endorsement.

CEED welcomes registrations for our Winter/Spring 2010 session of online courses. Please register for courses at least one week before each course session begins. Sessions start on consecutive Mondays from January through March.

Continuing education certificates for 24 and 36 clock hours, approved and issued by the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota, can be earned by successfully completing course requirements.

Our courses are also newly approved for members of the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) (maximum: 24 clock hours per course).


January 25 to April 26, 2010:  Seeing is Believing

Videotaping families and using guided self-observation to build on parenting strengths (24 clock hours), $225 plus required textbook. 

Instructor: Kathi Blomquist, PHN, MS, IMH-E®-III


February 8 to April 12, 2010:  Parent-Infant Pathways

An Educator’s Guide to Providing Information and Support to New Parents (36 clock hours), $340 plus required materials. 

Instructor: Jolene Pearson, B.E.S., M.S., IMH-E® (IV), Minneapolis Public Schools, Early Childhood Special Education, Interagency Facilitator


February 15 to April 19, 2010:  Introduction to Infant Mental Health

(24 clock hours), $225 plus required textbook.

Instructor: Marit Appeldoorn, MSW, LICSW, St. David’s Child Development and Family Services


February 22 to April 26, 2010:  Premature Babies and Their Parents

Information and Insights for Early Intervention Personnel (36 clock hours), $340 plus required materials.

Instructor: Jolene Pearson, M.S., IMH-E® (IV), Minneapolis Public Schools, Early Childhood Special Education


March 8 to May 10, 2010:  Prenatal Developmental Intervention

For Professionals Working with Families During Pregnancy (24 clock hours), $225 plus required materials.

Instructor: Joann O’Leary, Ph.D., MPH, MS


Further information and registration details:

CEED online courses, costs and how to register, group rates (there are discounted course fees for organizations who  
enroll a group of people), 2010 CEED Online Course Schedule (pdf), go to http://cehd.umn.edu/ceed

If you would like a sample syllabus or have questions, please contact Karen Anderson, CEED online course manager, at  
612-625-6617 or ander352@umn.edu.

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