Office of Great Start at the MI Department of Education (MDE) is Selecting a Deputy Superintendent to Lead the Newly Created Office

Dear Early Childhood Partner:

We are making progress in creating the Office of Great Start at the Michigan Department of Education (MDE). As you are aware, the Office of Great Start is a key element of Governor Snyder’s education agenda and we at MDE are extremely excited to have the privilege of leading this office in service to the Governor’s prenatal to post-secondary education outcomes.

The Governor’s Executive Order was issued on June 29, 2011, forming the Michigan Office of Great Start. The Michigan Constitution of 1963 requires in Section 2, of Article V, that the order does not become official until 60 days after its filing.

In anticipation of the Executive Order becoming official on August 29, 2011, the MDE has begun the process of selecting a Deputy Superintendent to lead the Office of Great Start. A position description has been posted at: . I encourage you to review this position description, as it provides important information as to the scope of work of the Office, and the caliber of leader necessary to effectively lead this scope of work. I ask for your assistance in assuring that leaders you believe may be qualified for this position are made aware of this opportunity.

When you visit the MDE website, you will note that the Office of Great Start has been added to our roster of offices. Basic information regarding the Office and its intended functions are available for your review. It is our goal to provide regular updates to this webpage and I will issue another communication that will advise our partners as to the frequency of those updates and how questions regarding the Office can best be shared.

We hope that you have found this update to be helpful. We will be issuing communications on a regular basis to keep you informed of our progress. We greatly appreciate your interest in this important element of the Governor’s education agenda and very much look forward to the launch of the Office of Great Start this fall.

We have tried to share this communication with all of the relevant parties; we may have inadvertently missed someone so please feel free to share this with others if you think they will be interested. 

Mike Flanagan
State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Michigan Department of Education
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