Daniel Stern has died. A message to all in the infant mental health community.

To MI-AIMH members and friends of the infant mental health community:  

On behalf of MI-AIMH, I would like to let you know that Prof. Daniel Stern died last week, after a long and courageous battle with physical illnesses.

Prof. Stern was, as many of you know, one of the most remarkable leaders of the infant mental health community.   What follows is Miri Keren’s thoughtful announcement to all of us.  Miri is President of the World Association for Infant Mental Health has written:  

"Much beyond the undisputable scientific value of his work, Dan Stern earned a very special status among us, thanks to his unique capacity to integrate psychoanalytical thinking and direct observation of the development of the baby’s self. He was a philosopher, as well as a clinician. His rhetorical skills, mixed with a special personal charm, made him an outstanding speaker, who knew how to make you feel how the baby perceives the world… at least in Dan’s eyes.

Many of us, all around the world, teach all along the year, the main concepts he has introduced. This legacy is indeed the way Dan Stern will continue to live in WAIMH, together with the deep sorrow and longings felt by all those who knew him and worked with him.

We would like to dedicate to Dan Stern our next issue of Perspectives in Infant Mental Health. I invite anyone of you, who has known him, to send us memories, thoughts, feelings…

Be Prof Dan Stern’s memory blessed,

Miri Keren, M.D.

President of WAIMH"