Babies in the Balance: Now is the Time to Be a Big Voice for Little KidsTM

From ZERO TO THREE’S Policy Network:

In 13 days, the federal government will run out of borrowing room and default on its debt if legislation is not passed to raise the debt ceiling. This is a dangerous time for the vulnerable young children and their families about whom we all care so deeply.

With different plans still swirling around Capitol Hill that include cuts whose stringency ranges from dismaying to draconian, policymakers have their backs against the wall as they formulate a deal to avoid economic catastrophe. But one thing is certain: cuts to discretionary programs-which include support for early development and learning, nutrition, and stable housing for young children-are always first on the list. Medicaid and other critical supports for low- and moderate-income children and families also figure prominently.

No matter what the ultimate agreement, babies and toddlers stand to lose. Now we must stand for them and work to make any deficit reduction agreement as fair as possible.

Be a Big Voice for Little Kids!TMContact your Senators and urge them to protect our children’s future by ensuring that any agreement to reduce the deficit:

  • Protects programs for low- and moderate-income children and families. When Congress slices funding for these programs, they are shrinking the chance for vulnerable babies to have a healthy future.
  • Targets spending cuts to all portions of the budget, including defense and security. Supporting strong early development for babies ensures a stronger country in the future.
  • Includes revenue increases in the mix. Babies and other vulnerable people should not be asked to do without basic necessities for a healthy, productive life while other parts of society are not asked to do their share.