Upcoming Changes to Endorsement Requirements and Fees (Effective 10/01/10)

MI-AIMH would like to make you aware of the following upcoming changes, effective 10/01/10:

–Change in Endorsement® Processing Fee for Infant Family Specialist (Level II)

After much deliberation, the Endorsment Committee voted to increase the Endorsement Processing Fee for those applying for Level II Endorsement from $50 to $100 for all portfolios submitted after September 30, 2010.  While the Endorsement Committee did not want to increase the fee for front-line staff and programs, MI-AIMH is currently taking significant losses for each Level II portfolio submission.  Each Level II portfolio requires approximately four hours of the Endorsement Coordinator’s time and the $50 fee was only covering a portion of that time.  Increasing the fee to $100 will more adequately compensate for the time spent on each Level II portfolio. 

–Changes in the Requirements for Providers of Reflective Supervision/Consultation

Beginning October 1, 2010, MI-AIMH will require that hours of reflective supervison/consultation come from a provider who has earned Endorsement as an Infant Mental Health Mentor-Clinical (Level IV) (preferred) or Infant Mental Health Specialist (Level III).  Previously, there was an exception that allowed those who "met criteria" for Level III or Level IV-Clinical to provide reflective supervision/consultation while Michigan was building capacity in the Infant Mental Health field.  After over 8 years of Endorsement®, Michigan has sufficient capacity (in terms of the number of providers who have earned Levels III or IV-Clinical) to require that someone seeking Endorsement® receive reflective supervision/consultation from an individual who is Endorsed® at Level III or Level IV-Clinical.  This requirement will only apply to hours accrued after 09/30/10.