Call the White House TOMORROW — FRIDAY, JANUARY 14 — to ensure that child care, Head Start, and Early Head Start funds are not cut!

Alert for Friday, January 14, 2011, call in to the White House

Call the White House TOMORROW—FRIDAY, JANUARY 14—to ensure that
child care, Head Start, and Early Head Start funds are not cut!

Over the next few weeks, critical decisions will be made affecting
whether thousands of children and families will lose child care, Head
Start, and Early Head Start services they now receive.  Our community
must come together in a sustained and determined effort to protect
important funding for young children and their families. To do so, we
are sending you a series of action alerts. This first one is for The
President, and we will send others as the process unfolds.

We appreciate your repeated efforts at the end of 2010 to help
accomplish this goal, even though we did not succeed. But as our
youngest children continue to face great challenges, we urge you to
renew your resolve to be a Big Voice for Little Kids now, when it’s
needed most.

As you know, FY 2011 funding is not yet settled. Congress will have to
take action to finalize it by March 4th, when the current continuing
resolution expires. Soon after, consideration of FY 2012 funding will

At stake are the increases provided by the American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act that expanded access to child care, Head Start, and
Early Head Start. If these advances are rolled back, as many as 300,000
children could lose child care and Head Start, including 50,000 infants
and toddlers who would lose Early Head Start services.

Our First Step:

We need you to take a moment tomorrow (Friday, January 14th) to call
the White House at 1-202-456-1111 and urge the administration to
protect, sustain, and maintain critical funding for early childhood

In the message you leave, ask them to:

*        Protect funding for child care, Head Start, and Early Head Start to
help us build a smarter, healthier, and stronger America,
*        Sustain the $1 billion funding for Head Start/Early Head Start as
well as the $1 billion funding for child care during FY 2011, and
*        Maintain these levels into FY 2012.

Families and children are depending on this funding, which is at
immediate risk.  With your help, we’ll make sure that decision makers
can’t ignore these families and children.

Due to the large number of calls we’re generating, if you have trouble
getting through to the comment line, please hang up and dial
1-202-456-1111 again until you’re able to leave a message.  Thank you!

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