Q. Do I need to be a MI-AIMH Member to register and attend this conference?

A. No, you do not need to be a MI-AIMH Member to attend.  We love having others that are passionate about infant and early childhood mental health at our events.  We recommend that you take a look at the value of becoming a MI-AIMH Member – which includes a significant reduction in the registration fees.  Click HERE for information on the multiple pricing options and Membership.

Q. How do I register more than one person/group?

A. You can register for more than one person/group easily online.  We recommend that you use this Copy of Registration Form for reference and have the people you will be registering for complete this information to make is easier to register on their behalf.  This is a long document but has all the questions that are asked during registration.  This will be very helpful if you are registering on behalf of people that are not sitting with you. More tips for group registration can be found HERE.

Q. Once I have completed my registration, can I make changes to the workshops I selected?

A. Yes, in order to make changes to your completed registration, please contact Laura Sheldon at miaimh.training@gmail.com for assistance.  Additionally, there is a Solutions Table at the conference for on-site changes.

Q. Can make changes regarding the days I selected or adding/removing special events from my completed registration?

A. Yes, in order to make changes to your completed registration, please contact Laura Sheldon at miaimh.training@gmail.com for assistance.  Additionally, you can add special events on-site at the Solutions Table if there are seats still available.

Q. Are Walk-In registrations accepted?

A. Yes, we do allow Walk-Ins (those not pre-registered) to register on-site.  Walk-ins will need to select their workshops based on what is available at that time.  Additionally, Walk-Ins will need to make full payment of their conference registration upon arrival.

Q. How do I make a check payment?

A. Please make checks out to: MI-AIMH and mail to: MI-AIMH, 13101 Allen Rd., Southgate, MI 48195.  It is vital that the name(s) of all attendees are listed or included with the check payment.

Q. Do I need to have a PayPal account to pay by credit card?

A. No, MI-AIMH uses PayPal to process credit card payments with online registrations.  You can follow the guided steps and pay using your credit card as a “guest” with PayPal. 

Q. I accidentally chose “Check” payment when I completed my registration and now would like to pay by credit card – what do I do?

A. Please contact Teri Lower, 734-785-7700, ext. 7194 and we can take your credit card information over the phone, process it and email you a receipt.  Be sure to have the registrant name(s) of those you individuals you are paying for.

Q.What is the cancellation and refund policy?

A. Refund of the registration fee will be granted only to those persons who cancel their registration to the conference in writing by Monday, April 24, 2017, to miaimh.training@gmail.com.  There will be a $50 cancellation/processing charge.  Those who do not appear at the conference, thereby canceling by default, will not be eligible to receive any refund.

Q. Will I receive a confirmation email?

A. Yes, this is why it is very important to enter an accurate email address for the attendee during registration.  That email address will automatically receive an email with important information as well as all of the selections that attendee chose during registration.  Additionally, the attendee email address is how the conference will communicate with registrants.  We will be sending reminder emails, details as we get closer to the conference, how you will be able to access conference training materials and more!

Also, there is an email address required in the Billing area for payment during registration – this email address will also receive a confirmation of the conference registration with details.

Q. Can someone check-in for me at the conference?

A. No, we need to see each individual attendee at conference check-in.  There is very important information given out during this process. 

Q. Will presentation materials be made available?

A. Yes, presentation materials will be available online.  All registrants will receive an email with access to training materials prior to the conference.  Printed training materials will not be handed out at the conference.

Q. How will I receive my attendance and continuing education credits at the conference?

A. All attendees are given a 2-ply attendance and certificate at check-in with instructions.  This document is vital and attendees are required to have this with them for all sessions.  This document will serve to track attendance at the conference as well as your certificate for training hours, Endorsement® and continuing education credits.  You will not receive another certificate after the conference. *Those requiring SCEHC’s have additional steps in order to receive that certificate.

Q. Will there be a Mother’s Room available?

A. Yes, please see the Solutions Table at the conference for access to the Mother’s Room.  We anticipate access to a mini-fridge as well.

Q. What can I expect as my check-in process if I am staying on-site at the Marriott?

A. Please be patient, there are several hundred people trying to check-in around the same time.  The hotel will do their very best to make this an efficient process for guests. Click HERE for information on paying for more than one hotel room. We will be adding some additional instructions and tips for hotel check-in soon.

Q. What is the nearest airport to the conference venue?

A. Detroit Metro Airport is the closest airport to the conference venue. The airport does not have a shuttle that will go to the venue, but it is approximately 15 minutes away. Click HERE for some travel options if needed.
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